Luton Airport

Yesterday we just hung out in the airport all day long. The flight into London was at 9 am. The flight out of London wasn’t until 6:30 pm. Originally we thought it would be a good idea to see more of the countryside, especially a farm near the airport. But when the time came, we just wanted to relax and read all day. So we camped at some tables and didn’t move for hours. Eden just scooted on the floor and kept getting her toungue around the gross metal legs to the tables and chairs. Nasty. We’re trying to teach her what gross stuff is so she won’t do it. She doesn’t care. 🙂 I walked with her around the airport once and she was so excited to see all the people. She was giggling so hard that she could barely draw breaths. All the other tourists adored her. Everyone tells her she is “gorgeous.” We’re glad to be home.

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