This week in the life and times of the Parry Family:

Dancing the night away, high stakes gambling, extravagant purchases, exotic travels, crushing victories. Stay tuned for all the juicy details.

Chad and I got some extra time together this week starting with a failed attempt to buy a 1999 Lexus ES 300 we found for sale on craigslist. The car looked like it was in great shape. The carfax checked out but after having a mechanic look at it before we bought it we discovered the engine was misfiring. Problematic. So we decided that we would pop into some dealerships on our way home. This ended in us buying a 1998 Lexus ES300 that had just been traded in. We are so excited! These little old Lexus are such great cars! All of a sudden our tight driving schedule of 3 adults with 1 vehicle is filled with many more options and flexibility! Hooray!

Chad and I also had a great date night at our dance lessons. We worked on the Foxtrot. It felt like we were catching on pretty well. We managed to learn a few steps that made of feel like we were dancing rather than just plotting out steps. It was relaxing and fun. The instructors at Pacific Dance are really encouraging. I feel self conscious about my size (I think I look like an ungraceful Amazon Woman) and they are great at putting me at ease.

Eden and I went on a special trip together to Boise for Jane’s baptism. The drive was actually really relaxing. We arrived in time to meet Jeff and Sarah, the girls, John, Renee and Jordyn for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I took the cousins over to Claire’s to get Eden some new “dangly” earrings and we found a set of key chains for them. The kids played together so well. The next day moved from one thing to the next. We were busy. But Jane’s baptism was very nice. Eden was so happy to be there! Then the next day we headed home. Completely worth it.

While we were away. Chad had a poker night with Sean and Olea. A bunch of people planned to join in but they all had things come up. Chad also took Alden to a Chess tournament. Alden was so proud to bring home a trophy for participation. When he called to tell Eden and I we were so excited for him!

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