I Didn’t Recognize You With Your Clothes On

We always stay in Munich when the weather is crummy. And it always makes us miss home (in Switzerland). Our hotel was in a pretty seedy area by the train station. So we checked out the pedestrian streets and the parks just a little. Then we rented a car for the Romantic Road. (That’s really its name).

We had a few stops on the Romantic Road. The road was only fun for part of the time and we were told to use the highway for most travel between towns. We did pass through a place called Hapsburg that had a cool castle and looked really nice. Our first stop was for lunch in Nordlingen. It was old in structure but didn’t have much personality. Next we stopped in a town called Dinkelsbuhl. We walked around part of its wall and into the center a bit. It was very pretty and fun to imagine life hundreds of years ago there. We then decided to skip Wurzburg and instead have a more liesurely time in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Rothenburg is a walled city and is amazing! The walls are gorgeous and the views are so nice. I loved that part.

Everyone who visits the Romantic Road should do the Nightwatchman’s Tour in Rothenburg. The guide was funny and quirky. He gets to carry a “halberd” for his job. I was in a pretty crummy mood the whole day. My only complaint about this tour is it should have been at the beginning of the day because it was so fun.

We followed a guidebook’s suggestion to go to a spa in Baden-Baden. It’s not part of the Romantic Road. It’s closer to Strassbourg, France and the Black Forest in Germany, which puts it on our way home. The spa has 17 “stations” of showers and steam rooms and hot pools and cold pools. It was really relaxing! All the stations are nude. Some of them are co-ed. This was a little uncomfortable at first! 😳 But we’ve known about it for weeks so we kind of got to prepare ourselves. On the way out, Elisa looked at me funny and asked if I was wearing this outfit earlier. “No, I was naked!” We could have just done that and our vacation would have been fabulous. And I can add one thing to the list of jobs I never want to have: the guy who gives soapy massages to naked men, which was a highlight. (You have to be there. Don’t use your imagination.)

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April 21, 2008 @ 5:19 pm

We have read all of your Blogs with great interest . Keep them coming. The one I read today was especially interesting. You mentioned three places that I had visited. My memories are a little bit different. You mentioned Strassbourg. That is where we got our first test, on the river. There is still one of the pill boxes by the bridge on the German side. You mentioned Wurzburg. You said you skiped that. There is a big beautiful castle there. The big Rainbow that the later part of our Dlvision painted on this castle isn,t there any more. They have a picture of it at the visitors center. I ask for a post card with the picture of the rainbow on it and they said something like Grafetti . You also mentioned Innsbruck. We went into that city the day the war ended. If you see any one over 75 you might ask them if the remember the Rainbow Div. occupying that beautiful city. We love you both. Grandma & Grandpa Parry


April 22, 2008 @ 2:35 am

Dude, I would have died of embarrassment to do the nude spa thing!! You guys are sooo brave.

Katie said

April 22, 2008 @ 7:27 pm

I’ve been to Rothenburg! It’s a pretty fun city and I think that’s where I first encountered Shneballs (no idea if I spelled that right). Basically, they’re fried balls of dough with sugar on them. I think they make better weapons than desserts but they seemed to be pretty popular!

Jenny said

April 23, 2008 @ 2:37 am

i’m w/ karlenn on the nude spa thing, but wow! you guys have some amazing vacations! i love reading about your experiences.

Debi Stabler said

April 28, 2008 @ 5:14 am

Hi Chad & Elisa,
I don’t post much but wanted you to know I am continuing to enjoy your blog and all the adventures. I went to the spa in Baden-Baden with my sister and I thought it was such a neat experience! Very relaxing but also so culturally different than anything in the US. We lived just about 30 minutes from Baden-Baden by train. We also went to Rothenburg; a fun historic place. Hope all is well with preparations for your little one.


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