Rock and Roll at 34 Weeks

Chad and I went to another doctor’s appointment together on Monday. The lucky guy always misses the exciting ultrasounds and gets stuck looking at random shapes trying to guess what he’s looking at. If we were playing pin the tail on the donkey we would have lost terribly. Even though we couldn’t tell up from down or anything else, it seems things are going very well. So well that even though I only have 6 weeks to go my doctor thought it wouldn’t be necessary to make another appointment until I am 38 weeks along. She said, “If it comes before then than everything will be OK.” So hooray for a smooth rolling third trimester so far.

This week I have tried my luck at filming my belly in action. Sometimes it moves so obviously. Of course all I was able to capture on film were a couple of unimpressive bumps. And now that I am writing this and not filming it appears that our little girl is rocking out again. But as soon as I move to grab the camera, she will settle somewhere and stop the show. Too bad.

I do not know how patient I can be for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I am trying to think of my pregnancy as 42 weeks rather than 40 because otherwise I think I’ll go nutty at the end if she comes late. Frequently I can see and feel where our little girl is laying or I can tell that something I can feel from the outside is a leg or an arm or a foot. I start to put these little images together in my head and I get so anxious and excited to just see her and hold her. If I didn’t know it would be totally crazy and dangerous I would just want to open my belly up and take her out. That wouldn’t be so bad or hard right? 🙂

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